Early Fall Evening

Tonight I spent the evening in a field with some crunchy leaves, a small blanket, moon pies, and a cute long haired three-year-old. The three-year-old just so happened to be mine. These were meant to be fall pictures but it is so warm out still (high of 91 today) that they look more like summer. You’ll also see a moon pie make its way in towards the end. It was his reward for sitting so nicely, cheesing really hard and letting me take his pictures. For the son of a photographer, he really dislikes getting his pictures taken. 

But tonight was different, he gladly walked next to me all the way to the field and picked up leaves on the way for the pictures. The light was warm and his new overalls were the perfect touch. We saw bugs, threw leaves,  and I fake sneezed the entire time to really sell him on the “I think I’m allergic to grass!!” bit. I cannot believe he is about to be four. I’m not sure how that is possible…



Thanks, SD


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Virginia born and raised, migrated south to Georgia. Specializing in weddings, engagements, children, and families. Capturing families most precious moments, from saying "Yes", to "I do" and beyond. Feel free to ask me anything or just say hi!

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