About Samantha

Hello there! I am Samantha and I am a lifestyle photographer. This snazzy term means that I capture everything from engagements and weddings to maternity and families. Any moment in someone’s life that needs to be captured, I am there. Being able to create these timeless memories for people is the reason I love doing what I do.

I was born and raised in Virgina and moved to Georgia where I currently reside with my husband of 3 years, Michael and our three-year-old son, Jack. My typical day starts with coffee and legos then going onto taking my son to school. In the little time I have during the day, I fill it with working, creating, interning and finishing up my bachelors in Psychology. My day usually ends with my husband and my son snuggled on the couch, rewatching tv shows we have seen a million times and possibly a good glass of red wine.

Photography is not my full-time job but that does not mean it is a part-time or side a job, I feel as though that minimizes just what photography is for me. Photography is a way for me to create, a way for me to help other people and a way for people help me. I have met some of the most amazing people on this journey and created some life-long friendships. A photoshoot, to me, is much more than just posing you and taking your picture. I want to know you, your family and your story.